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Finnish girl in a long distance relationship with amazing american, posting pics and stuff about ldr, love, sex, passion, beautiful things, tv-shows, movies, music, actors.. well about everthing.. Oh, and you can ask me anything.

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"Tom Hiddleston sent me the riding crop"

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Easter Brownies » Heather Christo

"I wish I bought some bamboo."

Things I love about My Mad Fat DiaryArchie with friends ✿♥‿♥✿

It’s my job, my number three- job number three, taking care for my three ladies.

my mad fat diary season one + faceless

Everyone’s crazy. Everyone has to struggle and fight. They just haven’t realized it yet. At least you have.

"I’ve got this feeling that I’m not used to. It fizzes like cherry cola and tingles like kisses on my neck. I think it’s called happiness."

Rae Earl, My Mad Fat Diary (via futon-imprint)


Stephen King being Stephen King

I haven’t read the books and I haven’t watch season 4 yet, and I already fucking knew what happens #”spoilers”


you are lying to me if you said that you didnt sing this in your head